Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Eve...

one of my favorite days of the year.  I have a lot of wonderful memories and thought this would be a good time to share another "Moccasin Holler Memoir".

A Moccasin Holler Christmas

     There was electricity in the air.  Every kid in the Marston grade school was lined up and down the sidewalk in front of the school.  We could see our breath in the air but we were too excited to be cold.  This was the day Santa Claus came to school.  I’m tellin’ you, the longer we stood the more excited we got...wait, are those bells?   Do you hear bells jingling?  And music, do you hear that?  “Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane…”  He’s gonna be comin’ round the corner any minute.
     Oh, it is magnificent…all the reindeer, with Rudolph in front, pulling the sleigh.  Okay, so they aren’t the real reindeer, but that’s because the real ones are at the North Pole.  They can’t be travelin’ all over now.  If they did they would be too tired to pull Santa and that big ole’ sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve.   So, its fine with us that the Pepsi truck is pullin’ the sleigh.
      Santa looks so grand in his bright red suit.  And, I have to admit he is the only fellow I have ever seen with cheeks that rosey.  He sure is jolly, too.  He laughs the whole time he is going by.  His bag is full of candy that he throws out to all us kids.  Most of us are being really nice about letting each other catch some of the candy.  After all, Santa’s right there watchin’ and it’s still not too late to be put on the list with the bad boys and girls.
     We watch as he travels out of sight.  Santa has gone on to see all the rest of the boys and girls in the other towns.  Although we wish he could have stayed longer at our school, it is okay because we know that it won’t be too long until Christmas Eve.  Of course, we all have plans to stay awake that night and try to get another glimpse of him when he comes to our house.
     That visit from Santa was the beginning of the Christmas season for us and there were lots of things to look forward to.  We would always make decorations to take home.  I’ll never forget one in particular.  The teacher asked all of us that had gumball trees to gather up some of those round, prickly things and bring them to school.  I couldn’t imagine what we would do with them but I gathered up a sack full and I finally found out what the holes in them were for.  We stuck a toothpick in each hole, the teacher sprayed them gold and silver and we sprinkled glitter all over them and they were absolutely beautiful.  I knew Mama was going to love this treasure and I couldn’t wait to take it home and hang it on our tree.
     My sister, brother and I always got a little antsy waiting for the 15th of December.  That was the earliest that Mama would let us get a tree.  She said it was because those trees dried out really fast and if we got one any earlier it would burn the house done.  I never really knew who would set it on fire but Mama must have had someone in mind because we never, ever got our tree before 15th and it always seemed like it would take forever for that day to arrive.
       Those trips when we would all go to town to pick out the tree were wonderful.  But, the trip I liked best was the one we made on Christmas “Eve eve” night.  This was the only time I can remember going into town at night.  It would take my breath when we turned onto Main Street.  The streetlights were adorned with decorations and the glow of the Christmas lights made things seem almost magical.  Daddy would go to do his shopping and the store clerks would usually have some candy for the kids.  The sidewalks were filled with people, all enjoying the spirit of the holiday.
     Finally, Christmas Eve would arrive.   Early in the evening we would head to Granny and Papa’s to exchange gifts and then head home.  All the way home I watched the night sky trying to see Santa and his reindeer.  I’m pretty sure I spotted them a couple of times.  For the longest time I worried about Santa.  We didn’t have a fireplace.  Instead, we had a coal oil heater and you could see the flames thru the window in the tiny door on the front of it.  It would be hard enough for Santa to get down our skinny chimney but how did he get through those flames and squeeze out that little door?  Magic!!!  Yep, that’s what Mama told me…magic.  And, she was right.  Because, even though we could never stay awake and catch him in the act, Santa always brought us gifts and filled our stockings with oranges, apples, nuts and candy.
    Waking up on Christmas morning we would find that Santa might not have brought exactly what we asked for but we always loved what he did leave…I mean, it was magic…how could you not love the gift you were given. 
    I wish you could see me now…I’m grinnin’ from ear to ear because I know the magic is still alive.  How do I know?  I just took a trip back to a special time and I “Believe”

  Wishing each and everyone of you a Magical Christmas of you own.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Puppy Love

We have a humongous puppy (10 months old...115 lbs.) and he just loves other animals...kitties, chickens, etc.  Well, he brought home a puppy!!  Looks like it's 6-8 wks old, solid black lab, a real cutey.  We have tried to find the owners without success.

He loved his new puppy.  They cuddled up to sleep, played together, shared their meals.  Then Mike brought the puppy inside and, even though you can't drag Brut inside, it made him jealous.  He would have nothing to do with it when we took it back out.  Then, we couldn't find the puppy this morning.  Mike started looking for him and finally found him down in the woods.  Apparently, in a jealous rage, Brut carried him off! LOL  Fortunately, they made up before it got dark and are all cuddled up under the heat lamp!!

There is more to the story...I'll share that later along with pics.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't you love roses??

Well, see that pretty button in the upper right hand corner with the rose on it? Click on it quick because there is a great giveaway going on.  It is for an absolutely beautiful afghan!!

Okay, I'm not anything if not honest, so I have to let you know how much telling all of you about this give away hurt...I mean, after all, it lessens my chances to win.  But, telling you is one of the things I had to do to enter.  So, now I want every one of you to do the same...let's get the word out about this giveaway.

Now, how's everyone been?  I'm doing okay...been kinda puny and in sort of a funk.  Sorry I haven't been around.  Truthfully, I haven't been doing much of anything but going to work, coming home, eating supper and going to bed.  Yep, I am officially becoming a fuddy-duddy!!  There, I said it, I not proud of it but, like I said, I am honest! LOL

Thanks for checking in...I'll be back soon...gotta a giveaway of my own in mind. :-)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Give-Away that you do not want to miss!!!

     The Old Farmhouse Gathering is a talented, professional group of artisans who create everything from Primitive to Shabby Chic.  We now have over 200 members in the group and over 5000 items listed on Etsy.  Just click on the picture to see all the great items handmade by the Old Farmhouse artists.  
      Many of the artists at the Old Farmhouse Gathering 
Etsy group have put together this magnificent give-away to celebrate the fall season.  I don't want to ruin the suspense, so I'm not going to tell you the names of all the artists involved in the give-away. I will tell you that the beautiful basket was donated by Rose Clawson of "Baskets by Rose" and that the total value of the give-away is over $155.00!!
I you know you don't want to miss this...all you have to do is
                           "CLICK HERE TO ENTER"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gourds...Cleaning & More

     Before I begin my gourd cleaning tutorial, I want to tell you a little about them.  I have been working with gourds since the mid 80's and they are still one of my favorite painting surfaces.
     The gourd is in the pumpkin family and some are edible.  Unlike a pumpkin, a gourd will dry and the surface will be wood like.  When asked how long a dried gourd will last, my husband always says it lacks two days lasting forever...don't ask, you have to know Mike!
     Gourds are native to Africa and the bottle gourd is thought to be the oldest plant domesticated by humans.  Gourds have been used as musical instruments, masks, pipes, canteens, sponges, water jugs, flower pots and the list goes on.  Of course, my favorite use is gotta love a gourd Santa.
     Gourd seeds should be planted in the early spring after any threat of frost.  The plant looks much like a pumpkin or squash vine.  A gourd loves sunshine, water and good drainage.  When the vine and leaves begin drying out it is about time for harvest.  Check the vines for moisture because they can look brown on the outside and still have moisture on the inside.  To insure the gourd is ready for picking, you should wait until the stem on which the gourd is attached is hard or brittle and dry.
     Green gourds should never be stored inside your home to dry because of the many types of mold that grow on them during the drying process.  The gourd will dry quickest if it can get air and sunshine.  It will also dry stored in a shed or even left out in the field.    Several types of mold grow on the gourd making it look like it is decaying.  So, don't throw your drying gourd away because it is black and nasty looking...that's just the gourd doin' it's thang!
     I am cleaning egg gourds for this tutorial because the size will be easy to work with. You will use the same process to clean all sizes.  See the nasty mold I was talking about?  Even that white color you see on the gourds is mold!
     Cover the gourds with a solution of  hot water and bleach.  Approximately 1/4 cup of bleach per gallon of water will do...I am very specific in my application, I add the amount of water I want then pour in the bleach till it smells good and bleachie!   (If it is a sunny, hot summer day, you can tie your wet gourds inside a plastic bag along with wet towels and set in direct sunlight instead of using this soaking process.)
     While soaking cover the gourds with an "old" towel, making sure it is wet.  If you are cleaning bigger gourds you will probably need to weigh them down so that as much of the gourd is under water as possible. 
     I let the gourds soak for at least an hour then check them to see how soft the mold has become and how easily it will come off.  When soaked long enough you should be able to just wipe some of the mold off.  The gourd will have to be scrubbed to remove all the mold.
      Use something like those green Scotch pads or a copper Choreboy...I don't use steel wool because particles of steel can actually imbed in the surface of the gourd and rust, causing it to turn brown. I found the blue scrubber I am using at Wal-Mart in the broom aisle.  It originally had a white handle and is more coarse that the Scotch pads.  Scrub off as much mold as you can.
     Remember that white mold, it can be ornery!  You may also need to use a knife to remove some of the more stubborn spots.  Rinse the gourds after all the mold has been removed. I add a little bleach to my rinse could say I'm a little paranoid when it comes to the mold!!  Now, they are ready to lay out to dry.  Make sure gourds are completely dry before using.  They can be put in the oven on low to speed up the process.  Be sure and keep an eye on them, gourds do burn.
    Voila, the gourds are pretty, clean...
and now the real fun can begin.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ain't it purdy!!!

I just love my new graphics...Kim of Sugar Creek Hollow made them for me and I think they are great. Thank you, Kim, you did a wonderful job!! Now, I need to get to work and get some stuff added.

I am also excited about my plans for tomorrow...I am headed to the gourd farm.

Now, I need your help. I am thinking of ways to make my blog more enjoyable and informational for you such as "how to's", freebies, give-aways, etc. I would love to hear what you would like to see or do. Since I will have gourds that need to be cleaned I thought I would give a step by step in how this is does that sound for my first "happening" on the blog?

I really do want to hear your ideas and look forward to your comments.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Great Give-Away...

Kim is giving away not one, not two...but, three of her wonderful
soy candles and you get lots of chances to win. Click on her button
and hop on over to her do not want to miss this!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day...

I hope you are enjoying your day. What makes the day even better? It's time for this weeks "Monday Marketplace" feature.

I want to introduce you to Joan Minervini of "Vintage Keepsake Trunk". I have enjoyed getting to know Joan at the Old Farmhouse Gathering and am really excited to be able to share her talent with you. She has just added some wonderful Halloween items to her shop and following is just a small sampling, be sure to visit her shop to see more.


Hocus & Pocus

Halloween 1708

Alrighty, now, I wasn't kidding was I? Joan is one very talented lady!!! Now that you have seen some of her work, I want you to get to know her a little better...

1. What is the name of your Etsy shop and why did you choose
that name?

Vintage Keepsake Trunk
I chose this name because I like the idea of searching and
finding an old trunk in the attic and opening it to find vintage
time-worn treasures from the olden days.

2. How long have you been on Etsy?

Since March 2009

3. What type of items do you offer?

Primitive Folk Art handmade soft-sculpture offerings featuring
Art Dolls, Home Decor, Holiday and Seasonal Decorations and
Collectibles, all created with that time-worn look.

4. How long have you been crafting?

35 years

5. Who or What inspires you?

I was inspired as a youth by my Great Aunt and Grandmother
that taught me to sew on an old Singer Sewing machine.
My crafting really took off when I injured my back in my 30's
in an accident and was left in chronic pain and forced to change
to a sedentary life style. Creating is therapy for me and helps
me to forget the pain and I thoroughly enjoy it!

6. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

Probably my Art Dolls. I love to dress them in vintage baby
clothes from the 1920's and each of them comes out different
with their own personality.

7. Other places where you can be found


Home of Vintage Keepsake Trunk.....

Thanks again for stopping by. It has been fun sharing Joan's interview and pics of her work. I always love to hear from you so please leave a comment.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer is winding down, I think!

We have had some really great weather for the past week, a little cool snap that makes me long for fall. I know we have more hot weather on the way but I take solace in the knowledge that we will be entering a new season soon.

I have been promising another one of my "Moccasin Holler Memoirs" with you and before summer does come to an end I decided to share one of the scariest moments in my life which happened to take place in the summer. Keep in mind, my "Moccasin Holler Memoirs" are a collection of my memories of growing up in the country in the 1950's...hence no indoor plumbing in our neck of the woods.

Outdoor Toilets…

Hmmm, not one of my best memories. Especially the time we went to Granny and Papa’s and I had to make a trip to the “facilities”. I locked myself in and picked up some pages out of the Sears’ & Roebuck catalog. I was in the process of crinklin’ the pages up to make them nice and soft when I looked down. On the floor, peeking out from under the pages was what appeared to be the face of a little squirrel. Well, who doesn’t love a cute, little squirrel? So, I reached down and pulled back the pages.

Like a bolt of lightening, a creature rushed out from under those pages and began to attack me. It was HUGE and so fast I couldn’t tell what it was, definitely not a squirrel! It could even walk on the ceiling. The battle seemed to go on for hours.

Actually, the only battle was between me and the latch on the outhouse door. I finally escaped and ran as fast as I could, which wasn’t very fast. Have you ever tried to run while shaking with fear and trying not to fall over the britches that are wrapped around your ankles?

Finally, my haven of love and safety was within reach. I headed straight to the kitchen door and the arms of Mama and Granny. I knew that when they heard about the danger I had so narrowly escaped, they would grab me, hug me tight and tell me everything was alright…nothing was going to hurt me now. And, most importantly, they would send Papa out to kill the monster.

Noooo, they doubled over laughing when they heard my tale of horror! I was never so hurt and humiliated. It seems a big lizard had taken up residence in the outhouse that summer and they were happy about it, seein’ as how it ate bugs. Bugs, my foot, didn’t they realize the thing nearly ate me!!

Remember...I always love to hear your comments.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Marketplace

It's that time again and I have another wonderful artist from Old Farmhouse Gathering to feature. She is a sweet gal and I know you want to get to know her, too, so please read the's great.

Here is a glimpse of her etsy sure and go to etsy to see all her wonderful creations and while you're there type OFG in the search bar and enjoy all the talent that is Old Farmhouse Gathering.

1. What is the name of your Etsy shop and why did you
choose that name?
My shop name is Willowtree Treasures. As a child I had
a willowtree that was located in our back lawn. Every
time the branches would float in the wind it seemed so
magical to me. I thought some day ...if I looked hard enough...
I may find treasures nestled beneath the moving of these branches.

2. How long have you been on Etsy?
I have been on Etsy for a little over a year.

3. What type of items do you offer?
I offer items that range from extreme primitive to primitive
with a touch of vintage appeal. I create dolls, doll lamps,
pincushions, doll pins, hang tags, door greeters, shelf sitters
and much more to aid in home decoration.

4. How long have you been crafting?
I have been creating for about 10 years. I started with
primitive jar lamps surrounded by a layer of moss and silicone
bulbs as the lighting source. When I began to sew I then began
adding the half dolls to my lamp creations. I then graduated to
full dolls, ornies and doll pins. My business branched out from

5. Who or What inspires you?
Life in general inspires me . The life stories people have
to share of their triumphs and disappointments I also find as

6. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
My favorite item in my shop is Annie and the Clairabelle cow.
I found the construction of this set to be very challenging and
did a lot of techniques for the first time! This project I truly
had a hard time putting down until is was completed because of
my interest in seeing the final product when it was finished!

7. Other places where you can be found (Ebay, webstore, blog)


Olde Primitive Sister's Marketplace:


Artfire: Treasures

also twitter and facebook

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


It is Monday and time for another Marketplace where you will meet one of my Old Farmhouse Gathering sisters. Since not all of you may be familiar with Etsy, this will give you a chance to check it out and see some of the very talented people you will find there. And, I have to say that I think our OFG Etsy team is filled with the most talented.

Today, I am happy to introduce you to Kim Orcutt of Valley Primitives. Kim is a great asset to our OFG team and is a wonderful artist. What she can do with a needle and thread is amazing!!! Just see for yourself!!

Read on to get to know Kim a little better and you will understand why all of us at OFG are so proud of her.

1. What is the name of your Etsy shop and why did you choose
that name?
2. How long have you been on Etsy?
MARCH 4, 2008
3. What type of items do you offer?
4. How long have you been crafting?
5. Who or What inspires you?
6. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
7. Other places where you can be found (Ebay, webstore, blog)



I hope you enjoyed meeting Kim and seeing her lovely stitcheries.

Check out following blogs: The Country Shopkeeper, Bee Charmer Primitives and Kim's Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe to see more Monday Marketplace interviews and there may be more so please check back for the links. I know you don't want to miss any of these great artists!!

Thanks for stopping by, I'm always tickled to hear from you so please leave those comments.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Something new....

The first installment of "MARKETPLACE MONDAY"
(And, aren't you proud of me...I'm actually getting my first showcase up on "Monday")

Yep, every Monday I will be showcasing an artist from the OLD FARMHOUSE GATHERING Etsy group that I belong to. You will be able to read an interview of that artist, see an Etsy mini of her listings and find links to her other shops, blog and all the other places on the web that she can be found.

Today I want to introduce you to Carol, the original FIRECRACKER KID.
Even more that being such a talented artist, she is a real, sit back and enjoy!

What is the name of your Etsy shop and why did you choose that name?

Firecrackerkid Primitives. I chose this name, because I was born on the 4th of July, and my family always called me "the firecrackerkid". My father said when I was born I came out with a bang, jokingly of course. Plus it's Independence Day, and I really love my country and my freedom so it all fits together nicely.

How long have you been on Etsy?

One year and four months

What type of items do you offer?

One-of-a-kind Woodcrafts and reproduction woodcrafts of different Early American dough bowl racks and furniture.

How long have you been crafting?

Twenty years.

Who or What inspires you?

Well, the economy is what inspired my husband and myself to make our own Primitives to save on money. My husband is who inspires me, because of his hard work ethics, and the fact that he can do just about anything or any challenge put before him. He's a hard working man. A Jack-of-all-trades so to speak. He was a carpenter since he was a teenager, and even built our home along with several other homes locally. Pretty inspiring and impressive to me.

What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

That would be our one-of-a-kind items. We like to come up with unique woodcrafts that no one else has, and that are functional also.

You can also see Carol on Facebook.

Wasn't I enjoyed that didn't you? Don't forget to check in every Monday to see a new artist featured on my blog and now go to The Country Shopkeeper's blog and enjoy another Monday Marketplace interview.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


got through those last two chicken days without a hitch and camp is officially over for this year!!! We do have a few more things happening at camp but nothing that I have to cook for. I didn't get pics like I had planned. I will try and get some to post from others that were more on the ball than me. I have to admit that when I am in the kitchen all I can think about is getting those meals ready!!

I was looking forward to a week of recuperating after the last session of camp...didn't happen. I got a call from a friend that owns the local lumber shed/hardware store asking me to fill in while a couple of the girls get married/go on honeymoons. It has been challenging, fun and really tiring for this old gal. I have decided that by the time I am through I am going to be a lot smarter or my brain is going to explode.

I am working on some cypress knee santas...I "will" post some pics when I get them finished. And, I have a few new ideas that I hope to be able to share before too awfully long.

I have missed this bloggin' thing and am going to try really hard to start posting regularly so please keep coming back. I will be posting more of my "Moccasin Holler Memoirs"...the next one will be about "Cotton Patch Etiquette". Sign up as a "Follower" so you don't miss anything.

It's great to be back!!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Only two more chicken days to go...

yep, that's how I'm counting down the camp sessions now and it translates to two more weeks. Thursdays are "Chicken Days" which means we prepare a good ole down home country chicken dinner (that's lunch to you northerners). It is also my most dreaded day of camp. Don't get me wrong, I do love cooking for camp but the thought of frying all that chicken just wears me out!! But, it's all worth it when the little critters, I mean campers, come through the line.

Here is a small sampling of what we cooked during the last two sessions of camp. Keep in mind that these were two of our smaller groups. In fact, next weeks session will be larger the the last two combined!!! Do you see the little tear trickling down my face!! :-) Okay here goes:

Sausage......................564 patties
Bacon........................449 strips
Eggs..........................64 dozen
Made from scratch biscuits...347

Not included are all the pancakes, french toast, dry cereal, milk, juices, oatmeal, gravy and chocolate gravy...and that is only breakfast.

I have to say that I have had some great helpers who work hard and make my job fun.

Did I mention that my day starts around 5:30 am. I head to the kitchen by 6:15 and head back home around 8:30 pm where I do the laundry for the day.

After all that, I have to say that BYC or Bootheel Youth Camp is GREAT!!! I had hoped to share some pics of workday with you but I forgot my camera, duh!! I am planning to keep it close at hand next week so I can show you some of the great things that go on.

Till next time...

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's almost time...

for camp to begin. For those of you who may not already know, my husband and I live at Bootheel Youth Camp. That is our church camp and we are the caretakers. Well, Mike actually does most of the "caretaking". But, this is the time of year that I really get busy and have I been busy this week.

We have a workday scheduled for tomorrow and I have been workin' myself silly/sillier this week just getting ready for it. I have been sanding, scraping and painting till I'm sort of a medium terracotta in the face...that's the color I was painting the front of the main serving counter in the "Cafetorium". Oh, I also have a pair of tennis shoes that are accented with that "exact" color!!

We have lots of stuff to do tomorrow and I know it will be a great day filled fun, fellowship and work. I'll try to get some pics to share so all of you can join in.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Little Late...

No big surprise, huh!! I wanted to get this posted
earlier but I have just been too busy enjoying having our 5 year old grandson with us for a few days.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. And, I especially hope that you were able to spend some time with your mother. I know a lot of you, like me, no longer have your mother's with you and this day was bittersweet for you. I hope that you, like me, had lots of family around you to make the day special.

There are still days that I go to the phone and sometimes even get the receiver to my ear before I realize that can't call my Mama. Now, I smile as I put the receiver back and thank God for giving me such a special Mama. He certainly broke the mold when he was finished creating her.

Following is another of my "Moccasin Holler Memoirs" that I want to share with you...just so you too can get to know my Mama just a little bit.

Ya'll have a special week and thanks for dropping by.

Mavis, our mama

Mama, always singin’. She hugged our hurts away and made us think chocolate gravy and biscuits for supper was a special treat just for us kids.

Mama, always barefoot. Even in the coldest of winters, when she would hang the clothes on the line to “freeze” dry. This is the same lady who would never let us kids go barefoot until the first day of May because the ground didn’t get warm enough till then.

Mama, always mama. Even to a newborn animal whose real mama refused to accept it. She said she didn’t like animals so I guess those were tears of joy when they were ready to be returned to the pasture or the wild. Let’s see, besides us kids, she raised numerous pigs, wild bunny rabbits and calves. She didn’t name them all but I remember a little chick named Susie that grew to be big enough to fly up to Mama’s shoulder and perch there while she did the dishes. There was Trixie, the squirrel…but, that’s another story. Then, there were our pets that she made sure were fed and watered. Naw, she didn’t like animals!!!

Mama, who thought all babies were beautiful but not as beautiful and her grand and great-grandbabies.

Mama, who hated a confrontation but would fight a pack of wolves to protect her family.

Mama…soft voice, tender heart, a truly gentle spirit. Always seeing the best in everything. Always there when she was needed. The definition of true beauty.

Mama, our Mama…proof that love lives forever.

(excerpt from "Moccasin Holler Memoirs" copyrighted)

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Fairy Tale...well, sort of...

Once upon a time long, long ago in a far away land called Moccasin Holler there lived a young girl who loved Christmas. (Okay, the girl is me and, yep, I mean "long, long ago" literally. I did grow up in Moccasin Holler!) Now, where was I? ...there lived a young girl who loved Christmas. She loved the sounds, smells and colors of Christmas. She loved the warmth that seemed to glow all around her. She loved going to town with her Daddy to pick out "the" tree. And, ooohhh, the decorations!! But, most of all she loved Santa.

Santa always came to school after Thanksgiving riding in a beautiful sleigh being pulled by those magnificent reindeer. (It didn't seem odd at all that they were all pulled by a Pepsi Cola truck.) What a wonderful day that was...all the kids lined up along the street in front of the school and as Santa passed by they would scramble to gather up the candy that he tossed out to them.

After that first Santa sighting, the girl began to count the days until Christmas. Every Christmas Eve, on the way home from Granny and Papa's, her eyes scanned the night sky in hopes of seeing a tiny red light. You know, the one on Rudolph's nose...that would be a sure sign Santa was indeed about his business of delivering all those toys.

Now, there is more to this story but you will have to wait till Christmas to hear it...

I do have a reason for sharing part of the story. I have a confession to make. For the past several weeks, I have been pretty much useless. I have hardly ever gone into my painting room and when I do, I mostly just sit and stare. Those creative juices just aren't there. I look at the things I have prepped for painting and just can't decide what to paint on them. Then I find myself looking at the cypress knees, gourds, clay and all those things that will eventually be santas and snowmen.

So, tonight (or this morning, whichever) I have made a decision. I am going back to what I really love. I am going to create "Christmas" stuff. After all, I wouldn't be painting at all if it weren't for Santa...but, that's another story.

I wanted to let you know so you wouldn't be surprised when you begin to see the changes on my blog, in my Etsy shops and in my new Artfire shop. Call me crazy, but I can't wait to start making those changes and I really do hope you all like them.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's gettin' warmer...

Yippee!! I am so ready for warmer weather.

I always think of my growin' up years and one of my Mama's "Rules of Wisdom" when the dreary clouds of winter begin to be blown away by Spring's warming winds. It was about this time of year that my siblings and I figured it was high time to be able to go barefoot. Unfortunately, Mama had her rules...and this one was soooo hard on us!! It seems that, no matter what the temperature, it isn't warm enough to go barefoot until May 1st. Apparently, that's "the day" when the ground has finally warmed enough and is ready to make connection with the bare skin of the human foot. So, we had to wait until that day of miracles arrived to remove our shoes and be truly free. Ahhh, the feel of the new green grass on tender feet is indescribable.

Oh well, it's warm out today and I was thinkin' about takin' off my shoes and that made me think of Mama and her "rule" and I just thought I'd share. Gotta get back into the paintin' room...gonna paint some old windows.

Oh yeah...I still have my shoes on...after all, it's isn't May 1st and I wouldn't dream of breaking one of Mama's rules.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Okay, consider this fair warning!!!

It is 2:41 a.m. so I can pretty much guarantee that I am goin' to be ramblin' here!! I should be asleep, but I just had to face facts...I wasn't goin' to sleep, it's just as well I got out of bed. So, here I am. This is such a confusing time of day. What I think is today is actually yesterday, which is good because today (I mean yesterday) wasn't a good day. So, I guess I should be glad it is tomorrow, I mean today. Now, if you understood that we are on the same page which means you may want to wonder about yourself! LOL...just pullin' your leg.

Monday (today/yesterday?) was the
mailout date for our Old Farmhouse
Gathering Spring Swap goodies. I am
so proud...I got mine done and they
will be arriving at their destination soon.
I painted" a stitchery design
by Rhonda of "Primitive Stitches".
I was spending way too much time
at her website looking at all her
wonderful designs...I mean, I don't
do stitcheries...why was I there?
Hmmm, I had a thought...I'll just
buy me some patterns so I can
paint the designs!! This was actually
supposed to be stitched on a candle-
mat!!! You can see it is painted on an old plate but I think it would still make a neat candle-mat. I want to thank Rhonda for giving me permission to paint her designs my way.

I also included these neat hangtags done
by Deena of "Ewe 'N Me Printables".
She did all the real work...I just
grubbied 'n glittered them up. Pretty
neat though, huh? I sure hope my swap partner likes them!

Whew...I just checked the time's 3:19 a.m. I have spent way too long tryin' to get the pics to show up where I wanted them in this post. Somehow, I keep making them disappear...I would really appreciate it if there is anyone out there who could help me out here!!

Okay, guess I'll give up on makin' this post look pretty... gonna try hittin' the sack...well, I'm not actually gonna hit a sack, that would be way too much like exercise and I can't have that!! I'm really going to just go back to bed and hopefully get some sleep. What amazes me is how much easier it is for me to sleep in the morning when I should be awake!! But, that's a whole 'nuther story!!!

Nitey, nite...or is it good morning? :-)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I know...I've been MIA...

and I don't really have an excuse. Surely it's not because I can't think of anything to talk about! :-) Ya'll know me better than that...once I start ramblin'....

Before I get going I wanted to share the links to a couple of Etsy treasuries I snagged...Bustin.Out.All.Over..OFGSC and Bunny Eggs...OFGSC Unfortunately, I couldn't list all 150+ items that are in the Old Farmhouse Spring and Easter Celebrations so to see the rest of them just click...OFGSC Spring & Easter Celebrations

I have been kinda busy...waited till the last minute to get my things done for the celebrations but I think they turned out pretty good anyhoo. Click on the Holly Ridge Creations button on the top left to see them.

And, believe it or not, my brain has kicked in creative mode and I have bunches of stuff I want to get done. Right now I am in the middle of doing a cypress knee bunny!! Yep, a bunny rabbit and no...he isn't wearing a santa suit!! I also have a cypress knee that has decided he wants to be a kitty cat instead of a santa so I have him waiting in line to be painted. I'll post some pics when I get them finished. Got some neat prim eggs just waitin' for some color, there are cabinet doors and old windows base-coated and staring at me. A box full of cones are just screaming my name!!

Hey...I gotta get off here and get in that paintin' room. If I don't show back up soon, please call someone...that kitty cat cypress knee is getting a little upset with me and I'm not sure what measures it might take to cut line in front of the bunny!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Great Give-a-Way...

and I didn't want any of you to miss it.

Stephanie of "Old World Primitives" is celebrating her one year blogiversary and one of us just might just get the gift!! All you need to do is click on "Old World Primitives" to see the goodies, and I mean "goodies", then leave a comment to enter. I have already left mine.

Now, I would say good-luck...but, I mean, after all, that would be pushin' it. At least I'm sharing the news with you...but, I really, really want those goodies for myself!!! :-)

Another heads up...the Old Farmhouse Gathering Etsy team will be starting their Spring Celebration at the end of the week. I'll be posting pics and links as soon a I can.

Love those comments...keep 'em comin'. :-)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Gotta Share!!!

I just had to give you the link to my daughter-in-law's blog and her latest has a couple of pics of our youngest grandson proudly displaying one of his many talents. We are all sooo proud!! I have to say that talent runs rampant in our family!! :-)

Here's the link...

Ain't he a cutey???

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ice Storm...2009

I am so happy that you are here. For my very first post on my new blog, I have decided to share some pics of the ice storm that hit a big part of our country in January.

We woke up on Tuesday morning to see everything covered by sleet
covered ice. An ominous looking sky overshadowed everything. We had been warned that the worse was yet to come...and it was.

On Wednesday morning, we woke up to another couple of inches of ice. The sound of breaking bra
nches and falling trees, that had begun to some extent the night before, had become continual and was to last for two more days. I was dreading going out to see what damage was done.

We still have some broken electrical lines on the property, but they can wait. So many trees have fallen
and even more have lost limbs. Some trees were bowed so low you couldn't imagine what kept them from crashing on down. The branches hanging to the ground in front of the shed are now spread out over the top of it where they once were.

By the time I ventured out to take pics, more
than half of the ice had melted. At on point, the ice had completely encased the twigs, in the pics most of it has fallen off. The forlorn bush in the pic below is my Rose of Sharon...I am happy to report that when the ice melted it regained it's former magnificence.

There are those that have still been without
electricity...but, it was expected that everyone in our neck of the woods will be back on today.

Still others not far away in Kentucky

and other states that have lost so much more...
please keep all of those who have suffered and
are still suffering in your prayers.