Monday, June 28, 2010

A great give-away from "The Old Cupboard Door"

I have started a new list on the left side bar so that I can get the news out on some of the great giveaways that are going on.  I am happy to have The Old Cupboard Door as my first.  

To go to Willa' s blog and enter to win this beautiful and collectible piece of art just click on "The Old Cupboard Door" in the left sidebar.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baa, gotta see my sheep!!

Don't you just love it?  It was made by an extremely talented artist who just happens to be one of my OFG sisters, Brenda of  "The Rusty Thimble".

I stumbled upon this beauty while checking out one of Brenda's sales.  (If you have never visited Brenda's sales, you have really missed out!)  I want to give Brenda a special "Thanks"...I am so, so happy with my little lamb!

Now, FYI, you can find more of Brenda's beauties and get the info on her sales and giveaways by just clicking on these links:

Thanks again, Brenda...I can't wait until your July sale!!