Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back by popular demand...


     There was electricity in the air.  Every kid in the Marston grade school was lined up and down the sidewalk in front of the school.  We could see our breath in the air but we were too excited to be cold.  This was the day Santa Claus came to school.  I’m tellin’ you, the longer we stood the more excited we got...wait, are those bells?   Do you hear bells jingling?  And music, do you hear that?  “Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane…”  He’s gonna be comin’ round the corner any minute.
     Oh, it is magnificent…all the reindeer, with Rudolph in front, pulling the sleigh.  Okay, so they aren’t the real reindeer, but that’s because the real ones are at the North Pole.  They can’t be travelin’ all over now.  If they did they would be too tired to pull Santa and that big ole’ sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve.   So, its fine with us that the Pepsi truck is pullin’ the sleigh.
      Santa looks so grand in his bright red suit.  And, I have to admit he is the only fellow I have ever seen with cheeks that rosey.  He sure is jolly, too.  He laughs the whole time he is going by.  His bag is full of candy that he throws out to all us kids.  Most of us are being really nice about letting each other catch some of the candy.  After all, Santa’s right there watchin’ and it’s still not too late to be put on the list with the bad boys and girls.
     We watch as he travels out of sight.  Santa has gone on to see all the rest of the boys and girls in the other towns.  Although we wish he could have stayed longer at our school, it is okay because we know that it won’t be too long until Christmas Eve.  Of course, we all have plans to stay awake that night and try to get another glimpse of him when he comes to our house.
     That visit from Santa was the beginning of the Christmas season for us and there were lots of things to look forward to.  We would always make decorations to take home.  I’ll never forget one in particular.  The teacher asked all of us that had gumball trees to gather up some of those round, prickly things and bring them to school.  I couldn’t imagine what we would do with them but I gathered up a sack full and I finally found out what the holes in them were for.  We stuck a toothpick in each hole, the teacher sprayed them gold and silver and we sprinkled glitter all over them and they were absolutely beautiful.  I knew Mama was going to love this treasure and I couldn’t wait to take it home and hang it on our tree.
     My sister, brother and I always got a little antsy waiting for the 15th of December.  That was the earliest that Mama would let us get a tree.  She said it was because those trees dried out really fast and if we got one any earlier it would burn the house down.  I never really knew who would set it on fire but Mama must have had someone in mind because we never, ever got our tree before 15th and it always seemed like it would take forever for that day to arrive.
       Those trips when we would all go to town to pick out the tree were wonderful.  But, the trip I liked best was the one we made on Christmas “Eve eve” night.  This was the only time I can remember going into town at night.  It would take my breath when we turned onto Main Street.  The streetlights were adorned with decorations and the glow of the Christmas lights made things seem almost magical.  Daddy would go to do his shopping and the store clerks would usually have some candy for the kids.  The sidewalks were filled with people, all enjoying the spirit of the holiday.
     Finally, Christmas Eve would arrive.   Early in the evening we would head to Granny and Papa’s to exchange gifts and then head home.  All the way home I watched the night sky trying to see Santa and his reindeer.  I’m pretty sure I spotted them a couple of times.  For the longest time I worried about Santa.  We didn’t have a fireplace.  Instead, we had a coal oil heater and you could see the flames thru the window in the tiny door on the front of it.  It would be hard enough for Santa to get down our skinny chimney but how did he get through those flames and squeeze out that little door?  Magic!!!  Yep, that’s what Mama told me…magic.  And, she was right.  Because, even though we could never stay awake and catch him in the act, Santa always brought us gifts and filled our stockings with oranges, apples, nuts and candy.
     Waking up on Christmas morning we would find that Santa might not have brought exactly what we asked for but we always loved what he did leave…I mean, it was magic…how could you not love the gift you were given. 
     I wish you could see me now…I’m grinnin’ from ear to ear because I know the magic is still alive.  How do I know?  I just took a trip back to a special time and I “Believe"!

from "Moccasin Holler Memoirs", a collection of my memories. Copyrighted, do not copy or use in any way without my permission.   

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thank you's are in order...

To Deena of  Ewe n Me Printables for fixing my blog.  It sort of went crazy on me and she knew just what to do.  I think she made it even prettier!  Click on the name of her shop and see what other great things she does.  She and Bette (another OFG sister) have this great blog called By Your Hands  that you just have to visit.  You will find tutorials, featured artists, recipes, give aways and more.

Next, I want to thank all of my followers.  I haven't forgotten about the Celebration Giveaway...Christmas just sort of snuck up on me!  But, it is gonna happen so stay tuned.

Speaking of Christmas, I am going to post my Moccasin Holler Christmas Memoir in the next couple of days.  Hope you will stop in and share some of your memories.