Monday, December 31, 2012


and good times to come.  I am really looking forward to the New Year.  I have some new ideas I can't wait to start on and I am actually itching to get back in the painting room!

Without boring you with details, I want to let you know why I have been so scarce in blogland.  I spent a good portion of the year either in the bed, the recliner, the ER and the doctor's office.  After lots of tests, scans, x-rays, procedures, etc. over approximately a 6 month period, I got a few diagnoses and in Nov. was given meds that have helped tremendously.  I will be on some of the meds from here on.  I feel so blessed that all the biopsies came back negative and that there are meds that control my ailments.   Prayer is powerful and I thank everyone for keeping me in theirs.

You will be hearing from me again real soon.