Friday, May 29, 2009

It's almost time...

for camp to begin. For those of you who may not already know, my husband and I live at Bootheel Youth Camp. That is our church camp and we are the caretakers. Well, Mike actually does most of the "caretaking". But, this is the time of year that I really get busy and have I been busy this week.

We have a workday scheduled for tomorrow and I have been workin' myself silly/sillier this week just getting ready for it. I have been sanding, scraping and painting till I'm sort of a medium terracotta in the face...that's the color I was painting the front of the main serving counter in the "Cafetorium". Oh, I also have a pair of tennis shoes that are accented with that "exact" color!!

We have lots of stuff to do tomorrow and I know it will be a great day filled fun, fellowship and work. I'll try to get some pics to share so all of you can join in.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Little Late...

No big surprise, huh!! I wanted to get this posted
earlier but I have just been too busy enjoying having our 5 year old grandson with us for a few days.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. And, I especially hope that you were able to spend some time with your mother. I know a lot of you, like me, no longer have your mother's with you and this day was bittersweet for you. I hope that you, like me, had lots of family around you to make the day special.

There are still days that I go to the phone and sometimes even get the receiver to my ear before I realize that can't call my Mama. Now, I smile as I put the receiver back and thank God for giving me such a special Mama. He certainly broke the mold when he was finished creating her.

Following is another of my "Moccasin Holler Memoirs" that I want to share with you...just so you too can get to know my Mama just a little bit.

Ya'll have a special week and thanks for dropping by.

Mavis, our mama

Mama, always singin’. She hugged our hurts away and made us think chocolate gravy and biscuits for supper was a special treat just for us kids.

Mama, always barefoot. Even in the coldest of winters, when she would hang the clothes on the line to “freeze” dry. This is the same lady who would never let us kids go barefoot until the first day of May because the ground didn’t get warm enough till then.

Mama, always mama. Even to a newborn animal whose real mama refused to accept it. She said she didn’t like animals so I guess those were tears of joy when they were ready to be returned to the pasture or the wild. Let’s see, besides us kids, she raised numerous pigs, wild bunny rabbits and calves. She didn’t name them all but I remember a little chick named Susie that grew to be big enough to fly up to Mama’s shoulder and perch there while she did the dishes. There was Trixie, the squirrel…but, that’s another story. Then, there were our pets that she made sure were fed and watered. Naw, she didn’t like animals!!!

Mama, who thought all babies were beautiful but not as beautiful and her grand and great-grandbabies.

Mama, who hated a confrontation but would fight a pack of wolves to protect her family.

Mama…soft voice, tender heart, a truly gentle spirit. Always seeing the best in everything. Always there when she was needed. The definition of true beauty.

Mama, our Mama…proof that love lives forever.

(excerpt from "Moccasin Holler Memoirs" copyrighted)