Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Remember me??

Thanks for stopping by.  It has been awhile since I have been here and I have really missed my blog friends. 
Not much has been going on here on the Ridge.  Spring is certainly here...I will be posting picks of the flowers I am enjoying now.  The daffodils and jonquils started blooming at the end of  February.When the yellow daffodils and jonquils (or Easter flowers as we called them 
when I was a kid) quit blooming, the narcissus takes their place. They are always a welcome sight after the long wait for Spring.  We know that once they appear it won't be long before the redbuds and dogwood are blooming. 

Beauties like these bloom all up and down our remote country road and people from all over the place come to enjoy see "Daffodil Lane".We are so blessed to have scenes like this to enjoy. 

Oh, I almost forgot about the bumble bee! Can you see him in the pic below?

All I have to say is I am so glad no one else was around with a camera...

It was not a pretty sight when I was trying to get down to "bee level"!  
As you can see the side of the road is higher 
than the road itself and that bee would not
 cooperate and fly to a more photogenic spot.  
At one point I was actually closer to the ground than the bee!! We aren't even going to talk about the acrobatics it took to get me back on my feet!
Enough of this...I will be back soon with more pics.

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