Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer is winding down, I think!

We have had some really great weather for the past week, a little cool snap that makes me long for fall. I know we have more hot weather on the way but I take solace in the knowledge that we will be entering a new season soon.

I have been promising another one of my "Moccasin Holler Memoirs" with you and before summer does come to an end I decided to share one of the scariest moments in my life which happened to take place in the summer. Keep in mind, my "Moccasin Holler Memoirs" are a collection of my memories of growing up in the country in the 1950's...hence no indoor plumbing in our neck of the woods.

Outdoor Toilets…

Hmmm, not one of my best memories. Especially the time we went to Granny and Papa’s and I had to make a trip to the “facilities”. I locked myself in and picked up some pages out of the Sears’ & Roebuck catalog. I was in the process of crinklin’ the pages up to make them nice and soft when I looked down. On the floor, peeking out from under the pages was what appeared to be the face of a little squirrel. Well, who doesn’t love a cute, little squirrel? So, I reached down and pulled back the pages.

Like a bolt of lightening, a creature rushed out from under those pages and began to attack me. It was HUGE and so fast I couldn’t tell what it was, definitely not a squirrel! It could even walk on the ceiling. The battle seemed to go on for hours.

Actually, the only battle was between me and the latch on the outhouse door. I finally escaped and ran as fast as I could, which wasn’t very fast. Have you ever tried to run while shaking with fear and trying not to fall over the britches that are wrapped around your ankles?

Finally, my haven of love and safety was within reach. I headed straight to the kitchen door and the arms of Mama and Granny. I knew that when they heard about the danger I had so narrowly escaped, they would grab me, hug me tight and tell me everything was alright…nothing was going to hurt me now. And, most importantly, they would send Papa out to kill the monster.

Noooo, they doubled over laughing when they heard my tale of horror! I was never so hurt and humiliated. It seems a big lizard had taken up residence in the outhouse that summer and they were happy about it, seein’ as how it ate bugs. Bugs, my foot, didn’t they realize the thing nearly ate me!!

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  1. Judy, OMG, I had some similar experiences when I was a little lass myself. We had an outhouse to, and that was in the 60s. We lived right by a creek too. Thanks for sharing that with us. I zoomed it up to 200% to read it. See how I solved my problem?

  2. Thanks for sharing I loved reading your memories and I could not help laughing. Sorry it was so funny, you poor thing.

    One can only imagine how scary that was. I grew up in the city when I was young, that would have scared me to death. I now live in the country so I am used to all those critters!!!

  3. Please add more of your experiences growing up. They are a lot of fun to read! I will send a hug to you, for your big battle!

  4. Hahhahaha!! Oh, but how totally scary for you, poor little thing!
    Smiles, Karen

  5. Judy,

    OMG! I would have peed my pants! LOL! Too cute! That little lizard gave you a nice memory! LOL!


  6. Love it Judy!! You know how I love to hear your stories!

  7. Oh my goodness....I would have fainted dead away thinking it could be a snake! Yikes.
    I am so very THANKFUL for indoor plumbing. Aren't we blessed !! LOL


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