Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I saw the orthopedic surgeon yesterday...the breaks in the radius have healed around the screws/plate and I got to take the splint off for good!  Have a month of physical therapy to do for the hand, wrist and arm...2 hrs/3 times a week, plus what I have to do on my own at home.  I am actually happy to be doing this, looking forward to getting back to normal, at least, what is normal for me! :)

So, long story short, before long I will be back to typing with more than one finger on my left hand and you will be hearing more from me.  And, I will finally be able to get back to the paint room.  It has been over seven months and I am really getting antsy! I am looking forward to painting the ideas that are filling my head. 

Enough about me.   An amazing painter/designer and a kind, sweet lady, Terrye French, had a massive stroke earlier in the week.  According to updates on Facebook, she is aware of what happened and is aware of her family and what is going on.  She was moved out of ICU today.  Please say a prayer for her family and for her quick and complete recovery.

Thanks to all of you.  I can't express how much I appreciate you still being here after my long absences.

I will be back soon. :)