Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Okay, consider this fair warning!!!

It is 2:41 a.m. so I can pretty much guarantee that I am goin' to be ramblin' here!! I should be asleep, but I just had to face facts...I wasn't goin' to sleep, it's just as well I got out of bed. So, here I am. This is such a confusing time of day. What I think is today is actually yesterday, which is good because today (I mean yesterday) wasn't a good day. So, I guess I should be glad it is tomorrow, I mean today. Now, if you understood that we are on the same page which means you may want to wonder about yourself! LOL...just pullin' your leg.

Monday (today/yesterday?) was the
mailout date for our Old Farmhouse
Gathering Spring Swap goodies. I am
so proud...I got mine done and they
will be arriving at their destination soon.
I painted" a stitchery design
by Rhonda of "Primitive Stitches".
I was spending way too much time
at her website looking at all her
wonderful designs...I mean, I don't
do stitcheries...why was I there?
Hmmm, I had a thought...I'll just
buy me some patterns so I can
paint the designs!! This was actually
supposed to be stitched on a candle-
mat!!! You can see it is painted on an old plate but I think it would still make a neat candle-mat. I want to thank Rhonda for giving me permission to paint her designs my way.

I also included these neat hangtags done
by Deena of "Ewe 'N Me Printables".
She did all the real work...I just
grubbied 'n glittered them up. Pretty
neat though, huh? I sure hope my swap partner likes them!

Whew...I just checked the time again...it's 3:19 a.m. I have spent way too long tryin' to get the pics to show up where I wanted them in this post. Somehow, I keep making them disappear...I would really appreciate it if there is anyone out there who could help me out here!!

Okay, guess I'll give up on makin' this post look pretty... gonna try hittin' the sack...well, I'm not actually gonna hit a sack, that would be way too much like exercise and I can't have that!! I'm really going to just go back to bed and hopefully get some sleep. What amazes me is how much easier it is for me to sleep in the morning when I should be awake!! But, that's a whole 'nuther story!!!

Nitey, nite...or is it good morning? :-)


  1. Someone is going to be very pleased and tickled to get these beautiful swap items! Your painted plate is lovely!

  2. Your swap items are just perfect!

    I can certainly relate to your midnight ramblings. I suffer from insomnia and like you, I think it is better to just roll with it when it strikes. I usually get a lot of my computer work done then but no promises of what I will accomplish during the day to come.

  3. You are too too funny!!! LOL! Should I worry that I understood your first paragraph???
    Kris :)

  4. I understand your first few lines also. Bet that doesn't surprise you. =}

    It's getting "warmer". 8} Things are blooming!! It's almost pic-a-nic time. Watch out, Yogi, here we come!


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