Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day...

I hope you are enjoying your day. What makes the day even better? It's time for this weeks "Monday Marketplace" feature.

I want to introduce you to Joan Minervini of "Vintage Keepsake Trunk". I have enjoyed getting to know Joan at the Old Farmhouse Gathering and am really excited to be able to share her talent with you. She has just added some wonderful Halloween items to her shop and following is just a small sampling, be sure to visit her shop to see more.


Hocus & Pocus

Halloween 1708

Alrighty, now, I wasn't kidding was I? Joan is one very talented lady!!! Now that you have seen some of her work, I want you to get to know her a little better...

1. What is the name of your Etsy shop and why did you choose
that name?

Vintage Keepsake Trunk
I chose this name because I like the idea of searching and
finding an old trunk in the attic and opening it to find vintage
time-worn treasures from the olden days.

2. How long have you been on Etsy?

Since March 2009

3. What type of items do you offer?

Primitive Folk Art handmade soft-sculpture offerings featuring
Art Dolls, Home Decor, Holiday and Seasonal Decorations and
Collectibles, all created with that time-worn look.

4. How long have you been crafting?

35 years

5. Who or What inspires you?

I was inspired as a youth by my Great Aunt and Grandmother
that taught me to sew on an old Singer Sewing machine.
My crafting really took off when I injured my back in my 30's
in an accident and was left in chronic pain and forced to change
to a sedentary life style. Creating is therapy for me and helps
me to forget the pain and I thoroughly enjoy it!

6. What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

Probably my Art Dolls. I love to dress them in vintage baby
clothes from the 1920's and each of them comes out different
with their own personality.

7. Other places where you can be found


Home of Vintage Keepsake Trunk.....

Thanks again for stopping by. It has been fun sharing Joan's interview and pics of her work. I always love to hear from you so please leave a comment.


  1. You did a fine job Judy:) Joan has created some certainly awesome items for our Halloween decor. Carol

  2. Why, Thank You, Judy, for featuring me in your blog!!
    I am so honored that you chose my shoppe this Monday! I really appreciate this and can't thank you enough and thank you for your sweet compliments on my listings.
    Prim Hugs,

  3. Hocus and Pocus are the cat's meow!


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