Monday, July 29, 2013

Our outside cats, inside...

Some of you may remember the kittens we adopted almost a year and a half ago.  They grew up, moved outside, got pregnant and came back inside to have the babies.  Daddy, aka known as Mike-my hubby, was afraid something would get the babies if we let them deliver outside.  It didn't matter that we have had multiple (lots & lots) of litters outside in the past 13 years we have lived here.  Anyhoo, here are some pics that I took while they were back inside.
Twitch, the brown tabby and Itsy, the grey, relaxing in their favorite get away.  It was great while it lasted...the kittens eventually insisted on joining them!
Kids, what are you gonna do?
 Brother, Bo, just had to come in for a visit!
Aunt Elli, so forlorn!  Those stinkin' kittens get all the attention.

So, there are our babies all grown up.  If you are all up for it, I will post pics of the babies next.

Side Note...see the old buffet in the second pic.  Trying to decide if I want to strip it (it is solid walnut) or paint it.  What do you think?


  1. Too cute! Give Elli a little loving from me.

    There are some great painted pieces I've seen online that are beautiful. I don't have the nerve to go for it though :-(


  2. Beautiful fur babies. They're so cute when they lay around like cat loaves. I think its awesome that your hubby loves them too. Yes, I would love to see pics of the babies :)


  3. Well they look like spoiled and happy kitties...always great to see in a good home!
    Enjoy your day Judy,

  4. Love your pictures. A solid walnut buffet would be so pretty stripped and stained.....but I bet it would look just as good painted. LOL I am no help ;0)

  5. Just popped by and love your puddy cats.. I have been painting my furniture of late and simply love the look.. Great inspiration on pinterest.. Angi X


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