Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Springtime and Kittens

A sequel to the last post..."Our Outside Cats, Inside".

I am finally getting time to post those pics of the kittens that I promised.  I thought I would include some pics of what was going on outside while they were inside.

We are in the bootheel (that is the very southeast part) of  Missouri and the dogwood is our state tree.
Itsy and Twitch were abandoned and we raised them. So, they are truly our babies.  After having their litters, only days apart, they moved all the babies into one box and shared.  This is Itsy taking her turn.
Itsy and Twitch doing double duty!
 It didn't take long until it was impossible to keep them from escaping!
 Nosey litte critters...they love their Papa!
 Just Too Cute!
It was really, really hard but we knew we couldn't keep all of them.  So, we found good homes for all but Droopy...that's him in the last pic.  He is livin' large and lovin' it outside with his mama's & uncle.
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  1. Hi Judy,
    Well I'm finally getting around to your blog...been so busy this week after vacation.
    I have you on my blog list on the sidebar and am now a follower!
    Love your kitties...they are just precious. I just can't imagine finding homes for them - but it seems people wanted your wonderful.
    Beautiful flowers!!! You are fortunate to have sun to grow them...we have nothing but shade.

  2. The kittens are so cute and your trees are beautiful!!


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