Friday, March 15, 2013

They grow up so fast!!

It was about this time last year when my hubby called me from the video store wanting to know if I wanted to "adopt" 6 kittens that had lost their mama.  All he had to say was that if we didn't take them they were going to be killed!!!  Little did we know how they would change our lives!!
Meet, from left to right...Bo, Bitsy, Itsy & Twitch 
We lost 2 of the sweet babies to pneumonia the second week we had them. It still breaks my heart.  These four thrived...feeding them was hilarious!
Itsy, Bo, Twitch:

Bitsy wanted to explore after his meal, Bo always wanted more!!
I was never an "animal in the house" person so we had planned to find homes for the babies.  Very quickly after officially looking for new parents, someone called wanting Bitsy.  I couldn't bear going to meet with them and give them one of our babies. But, tough Mike picked Bo up and headed to town.  The lady that called told up she was getting the kitty for her husband who was handicapped and would love the company.  Even so, while waiting for them to get to the meeting place, Mike decided he couldn't part with Bitsy and started to head home...but, the new Mama and Daddy pulled in.  It seems they were running late because they had been to PetCo to get a bed, toys, food and more for the baby...they were so excited !  So, Mike came home without Bitsy and we knew there was no way we could part with the others!
This is getting to be a long story so I will wait to another time to tell the rest of the story.
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