Monday, March 11, 2013

So thankful and blessed

Daddy is doing really good and I am now home for the most part...he ran me off! :)  Thank you to everyone for the prayers and good thoughts.  Daddy is one-of-a kind and I can't imagine life without him.  I know that day will come so I cherish each moment we can with share with him. 

I have written some about growing up in the 50's, life on a in general.  I am doing this for  our kids and grandkids and my oldest son has named them "Moccasin Holler Memoirs".  I would like to share what I have written about Daddy...this is a work in progress.

A. A. (that's Double A ), our daddy

     Daddy… always workin’.  He was either plowin’, diskin’, plantin’, choppin’, pickin’ or combinin’ crops.  If he wasn’t workin’ in the fields, he was takin’ care of the livestock.   Even with all that, he always found time for us kids.  We grew up and he retired from farmin’ but he hasn’t retired from workin’.  He says everyone he knows that retired and quit workin’ is dead and he doesn’t intend to let that happen to him.

     Daddy… clownin’ around.  I can still see him wearing my bright yellow swimming cap with the big flower over the ear while driving up and down the main street of our small town…yep, I was in the car.  It would not have been so bad if he hadn’t rolled the window down, stuck his head out and hollered at all passer-bys!!  There are so many memories that end in laughter… I don’t know what Daddy likes best…to make someone laugh or to scare the daylights out of them.   He has done more than his share of both and he is really good at it.

     Daddy…the disciplinarian.  He believed in not sparin’ the rod or in his case, the belt.   But, he didn’t use it a whole lot.  I’ll admit I did get into trouble a “few” times.  One time it was for cussin’!!  I don’t remember what Daddy said to me, but my reply was “Good Grief”.  I remember the exact spot I was standing, the look on Daddy’s face and most of all the tone of his voice when he looked me straight in the eye and said, “We don’t cuss in this house.”  I didn’t say a word…I was just thankful that he didn’t have his belt handy and that it was too dark to send me out for a switch.

     Daddy…the singer.  Yep, I said singer!  We loved to hear him sing while we traveled down the road.  I’ll never forget his favorite song.  It went like this…marezie dotes and dozie dotes and little lamzie divie, eye dee divie, too, wouldn’t you?  You can imagine my amazement when some years later I learned he was really singing…Mare’s eat oats and doe’s eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, I’d eat ivy, too, wouldn’t you?  I think I still like it the way I thought Daddy was singin’ it.

    Daddy…the teacher.  Most of Daddy’s teaching was by example.  When in doubt we can ask, “What would Daddy do” and know that we would be doing the right thing if we followed the answer.  Daddy did have “special” ways of explaining some things.  When I asked where the cows got their calves, I was told they found them under a clump of grass.  I couldn’t tell you the number of hours I spent in the pasture turning up the ground!!

Daddy…our daddy.  Oh, how we love him.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know my Daddy just a little bit.  Now that things are beginning to simmer down around here, I will be back more often.  I promised (almost a year ago) to share pics of our "babies") and will be doing that next.  I will also be sharing a tutorial on making the cone I showed you awhile back.  Please, stay tuned!! 



  1. What a touching post about your dad! I lost mine in 2010 and miss him so much. He taught me the same song you quoted in your post! Brought back wonderful memories of him singing it to me - thanks! ~*~Lisa

  2. I've sang that song for years! Not sure where I picked it up. Love reading your posts.


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