Saturday, January 12, 2013

What a week!

This week started, I turned around...and it is gone!! How does that happen. I got pretty much nothing accomplished.  I was all set to have fast internet this past Monday and here I am...slow, slow, slow!  The computer, not me...well me, too.

I did pull out some neat, old greeting cards I have.  I snatched these up on a junkin' trip.  I was so happy that I found them but a little sad.  I am sure that, a long time ago, someone had treasured these. I confess, I am a sentimental old gal and I can almost see the smile on the original owner's face as she opened the envelope, the anticipation she felt so long, long ago. Hmmm, I can feel a story coming on so I will shut up and get on with sharing the images!!

The cards are all just beautiful and most are in the envelopes they were sent in, postmarked 1908. They all belonged to the same person.  I only had one Valentine so I decided to share a Birthday card that I just love!  These are both from the same group of cards so I am sure they date around the same time.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.



  1. These are so very lovely! I, too, am a bit sentimental when it comes to romance!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are lovely JUdy. Very romantic. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Way go gal,these pretty, take care,,,Cookie17

  4. What a great find! These are lovely!



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