Sunday, May 30, 2010


Have you ever had peeling nails?  I have to the point that my fingertips were painful.  Thankfully, a nice Nurse Practitioner did some research and found that sometimes the cause can be due to a kind of yeast infection.  And you are not going to believe the cure:


Yep, just soak your fingers for 20 minutes each day in a mixture of vinegar and water.  She didn't know the exact ratio of vinegar to water, so I just dolloped some vinegar into a cup of water and soaked.    

I was amazed at how fast I could tell this was helping and soon the nails were beginning to clear up.  And, as a bonus, my very soft nails are now much stronger.

Don't be afraid to give this a try...the NP assured me that it couldn't hurt, even if there was no yeast infection. 

Hope this helps someone out there!!


  1. Great tip. I have a vitamin issue a lack of and mine has always done this as well as the skin under my nails peels bacl. Years ago an old doctor I went to when I was a child had my mom start soaking mine in olive oil. Heated up to a warm temp. Lay hands in and soak. Oh it works wonders and leaves your hands so soft, also a great rememdy for dry hands.

  2. How cool. I've got thin fingernails so I'm gonna try it. Thanks Judy:)

  3. That's a neat tip! So glad it helped you!!

  4. How unique ! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I know I don't have a yeast infection,but there are other causes for splitting/peeling nails. Will be trying this.

  5. I have never heard of that.
    I had an infection in my big toe and couldn't get rid of it. Then one Sunday I painted my toenails and the infection went away. I figured it was the alcohol in it. My husband also has trouble with peeling fingernails and I coat his nails with a layer of clear fingernail polish and it clears it up too.


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