Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ta Da...Presenting a Cone Tutorial

I have been looking forward to doing this and I really hope you all enjoy

For this project you will need: 
1.     a full sheet of card stock
 2.    glue..I use Mod Podge
3.     Scotch tape
4.    Masking tape
5.     Whatever you want to cover the cone.
I am using pages from a hymnal for this

 Take the sheet of card stock and roll it from
a bottom corner to form the cone. You will have
some excess at the top, but when you have the size
you want tape the edge in place with scotch tape.
(If you want a heavier cone, you can glue 2 or more pages of card stock together)  

 Trim some of the excess from around the top of
the cone,  Now, fold the top to the inside to form
an edge.  You can now use the masking tape to seal the
raw edge of the card stock.  This will be the back
of your cone.
 When using the hymnal pages, I pick out what pages
I want to use and tear the edges of all the pages. I like
the way this looks when grungied up.  Begin gluing the
pages starting at the top in the back of the cone.  Place
the page high enough on the cone so that you have
an excess to fold to the inside. 

When you have the cone covered you will glue
your front (focus) page in the position you want.
 If you have some of the point that isn’t covered, just
tear a strip from one of the pages, wrap it around
the cone and trim off the excess.  You may want to
shape the point with your fingers.
 You are ready to completely cover the cone with a
good coat of glue.  I glue the inside, let it dry and
then finish up the outside.
 Alrighty, now you have your cone ready for your personal,
finishing touches.  I will grubby this one with a coffee
and vanilla mixture, sprinkle on some mica flakes and
fill with Christmas-y stuff.

 Now, I have a favor…I want you to critique this tutorial so
I will know what I need to change when doing future
tutorials.  And, please tell all your blogging buddies
that might want to make a cone about this tutorial…I have
a plan for the future that will only work if you make and
decorate a cone!! 

I am really looking forward to hearing from you!



  1. Fabulous Tutorial! Love the end result!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy your day,

  2. Great tutorial Judy! I think you did an awesome job. You were very descriptive and had lots of photos, so that makes everything so easy to follow. Great piece!


  3. Wonderful tutorial Judy! Clear instructions, easy to follow, lots of great photos, I'm off to make one of my own now, thank you so much! (And I'll add a link to your tutorial on my blog so others can find it too ;O) Deb

  4. Hi Judy :) I love your finish on this. I've got a big old dictionary with discolored pages that would be perfect for this and the book page wreaths. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I love it! I'm always printing music pages and using them for crafts! I love this idea and it would work good for any season or holiday! I'm a new follower now, too! HUGS!

  6. I love this tutorial and I am going to give this a try one of these days!!

  7. LOVELY & Welcome done :)

    Wishing you a lovely day,

  8. I saw your tutorial on the OFG blog yesterday. It was so easy & fun looking that I made 7 of them last night! Thanks for sharing!

  9. How did I miss this? I have some empty thread cones I may try this on.

    Thanks for sharing your talent!!! The tutorial was great!


  10. Very nice tutorial. I really love how the cone turned out. This would look nice added to a wreath too! Thanks you for sharing!


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